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OWL Outline Embroidery Design

OWL Outline Embroidery Design

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The "OWL Outline Embroidery Design" is a design that showcases the outline of an owl. It's a detailed and fascinating design that you can sew onto fabric using an embroidery machine. This design uses four different colors of thread to bring the owl to life.

When you stitch this design, you will create a total of 25,435 stitches. Stitches are like tiny loops of thread that the embroidery machine makes to form the design. It's like drawing with thread!

The width of the design is 114.63 millimeters, which is about the width of a smartphone screen. The height is 164.67 millimeters, which is a little taller than a juice box. So, it's a medium-sized design that you can use for various projects.

To stitch this design, you'll need an embroidery machine that supports the format of the design. The design comes in different formats like CSD, SEW, DST, and more. These formats tell the embroidery machine how to sew the design correctly.

Before you begin stitching, you'll need to hoop your fabric. Hooping means placing the fabric in a special frame called a hoop and securing it so that it stays in place while the machine sews the design.

The OWL Outline Embroidery Design is a fantastic choice for adding a touch of creativity and nature to your projects. You can sew it onto a t-shirt, a bag, or even a pillowcase. Let your imagination soar as you bring this charming owl design to life!

Embroidery is a wonderful way to express your artistic side and create personalized items. Enjoy the process of stitching your very own owl masterpiece with the OWL Outline Embroidery Design. Have fun and let your creativity shine!

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OWL Outline Embroidery Design

Download this PDF file for colors chart and other details of OWL Outline Embroidery Design

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Graduate OWL

Graduate OWL Embroidery Design

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