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Make your projects even more beautiful with the lovely charm of Border Embroidery Designs. These designs have pretty patterns that look like delicate lace and cool shapes that make them stand out. You can use them to decorate clothes, make your home look fancy, or add style to your accessories.

Our collection has lots of amazing Border Embroidery Designs that will make your creations look elegant and special. Each design is made with care to bring out the best in your work.


Whether you want to make your clothes look fancy, decorate your tablecloth, or personalize your bags, our collection has what you need. Let your imagination run wild as you discover all the different ways you can use border embroidery.


With these designs, your projects will shine with beauty and creativity. So go ahead and explore the world of border embroidery and let your artistic side shine!


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Jumbo Large Single Color...
  • New
Floral Border Embroidery...
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Continous Motif Border Embroidery Design
6X10 New Pattern Machine...
Continous Embroidery Border...
Indian Small Flowers Floral...
Indian Border Embroidery...
Flower Continous Border...
Full Cross Stitches Seamless 4X4 Embroidery Border
New Pattern Flower Machine...
Cross Stitches Border Design
Rose Buds Emboridery Border Design
Small Paisley Continous Border Design
Paisley Flower Embroidery Border Design
Paisley Pattern Embroidery Border Design
Paisley Embroidery Border Pattern Design
Paisley Embroidery Border Pattern
Paisley Continous Simple Border Design
Paisley Embroidery Border Design Pattern
Double Paisley Filled Embroidery Border Design
Continous Small 5x7 Paisley Border Design
Continous Paisley Embroidery Pattern Design
Continous Paisley Embroidery Desing Pattern
4x4 Continous Small Paisley Embroidery Border Design