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Large Hoop Designs

Welcome to our special collection of embroidery dress designs from India! We have a wide range of beautiful patterns made especially for large hoops, so you can create stunning dresses that showcase your unique style.

Explore different sections like Dupatta, Daman, Border, and Neckline to find the perfect designs for your embroidery projects. These patterns are carefully crafted to make your dresses look extraordinary and stand out from the crowd.


Whether you're new to embroidery or have some experience, our collection is here to inspire your creativity and help you create amazing dresses. So, grab your hoop and threads, and let's start stitching your dream dress together!


Get ready to explore the colorful world of Indian embroidery and bring your dress designs to life with our fabulous collection. Let your imagination run wild and create dresses that will make you feel confident and beautiful!



  • Neckline

    Are you ready to make your dresses even more beautiful? Introducing our stunning Neckline Embroidery Designs that will add a touch of magic to your outfits! In this category, you will find all kind of Neckline Machine Embroidery Designs.

    From delicate flowers to intricate patterns, our designs are specially made to decorate the necklines of large Indian dresses. You can choose from a wide range of styles, whether you prefer the classic look or something more modern and trendy.


    These amazing designs will make your dresses stand out from the crowd and make you feel like a fashion superstar! Imagine wearing a dress with beautiful embroidery around the neckline—it's like wearing a piece of art.


    So, get ready to make a fashion statement and show off your unique style with our fabulous Neckline Embroidery Designs. Your friends will be amazed at how beautiful your outfits are, and you'll feel like a true fashionista!


  • Dupatta & Daman

    Add a touch of elegance to your Indian outfits with our beautiful Dupatta and Daman Embroidery Designs. These designs feature intricate motifs and borders that enhance the beauty of your dupattas and damans. Discover the artistry of Indian embroidery and make a lasting impression with our exquisite collection.

    Step into the enchanting world of Dupatta and Daman Embroidery Designs. Explore a wide variety of options to adorn your Indian outfits.


    Whether you prefer delicate floral patterns or elaborate borders, our collection has something for everyone. Personalize your attire with grace and showcase the rich cultural heritage of India. Let your outfits reflect your unique style and embrace the beauty of Indian embroidery.


  • Border

    Make your projects even more beautiful with the lovely charm of Border Embroidery Designs. These designs have pretty patterns that look like delicate lace and cool shapes that make them stand out. You can use them to decorate clothes, make your home look fancy, or add style to your accessories.

    Our collection has lots of amazing Border Embroidery Designs that will make your creations look elegant and special. Each design is made with care to bring out the best in your work.


    Whether you want to make your clothes look fancy, decorate your tablecloth, or personalize your bags, our collection has what you need. Let your imagination run wild as you discover all the different ways you can use border embroidery.


    With these designs, your projects will shine with beauty and creativity. So go ahead and explore the world of border embroidery and let your artistic side shine!


  • Full Dress

    Get ready to discover our amazing collection of Full Embroidery Dress Designs that will make your wardrobe super fancy! These designs are extra special because they cover the entire dress with beautiful embroidery, making it look stunning and luxurious.

    We have different styles to choose from, whether you like traditional designs or more modern ones. Our Full Embroidery Dress Designs are made with a lot of care to make every stitch look beautiful. They are like masterpieces, with lots of tiny details and expert craftsmanship.


    You can pick the perfect design for you by choosing from different themes, colors, and patterns. It doesn't matter if you want to wear it for a special occasion or just every day, these designs will make you stand out and leave a big impression.


    Imagine turning your dress into a piece of art with our Full Embroidery Dress Designs! You can explore our collection and let your creativity shine by creating a really cool and fashionable outfit.


  • Dress

    Welcome to our special category all about embroidery dress designs from India! Here, you'll find lots of beautiful designs made just for creating amazing dresses.

    With these designs, you can add fancy patterns and bright colors to your clothes, making them really special and showing off your own style. Whether you're new to embroidery or have tried it before, there are lots of choices to inspire your creativity and bring your designs to life.


    You can explore the wonderful cultural heritage of India through the art of embroidery and make dresses that look elegant and are made with lots of care. Imagine using your imagination to stitch and turn plain fabric into wearable pieces of art. Get ready to create dresses that make you feel confident and proud of your own creations.


  • Others

    Welcome to our "Others" category of large hoops machine embroidery designs! Here, you'll find a special collection of unique designs that don't fit into other specific categories. These designs are perfect for big embroidery projects made using commercial-sized machines.


    In this category, you'll discover exceptional patterns like Figurehead and more. These designs are carefully created to make your embroidery projects stand out and impress everyone.


    Whether you want to decorate home items, accessories, or any other big project, our "Others" category has the perfect designs for you. Let your imagination run wild and bring these amazing designs to life with your embroidery skills.


    Get ready to explore a world of endless possibilities and create stunning embroidery projects with our fantastic collection of "Others" large hoops machine embroidery designs.


  • Allover

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Allover Machine Embroidery Designs! This category is filled with a wide variety of designs that cover the entire fabric. Whether you want to add embroidery to your clothes or decorate a pillowcase, these allover machine embrodiery designs are the perfect choice for you.

    With these designs, you can make your projects extra special and one-of-a-kind. They cover the entire fabric with beautiful patterns and colors, giving your creations a truly amazing look.


    So, whether you're working on a dress, a shirt, or a pillowcase, these allover designs will make them stand out and look absolutely awesome. Get ready to explore and find the perfect design for your embroidery project!


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