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2x2 Free Embroidery Design

2x2 Free Embroidery Design

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Unleash your creativity with the 2x2 Free Embroidery Design from EmbroideryShristi. This delightful pattern is perfect for adding a touch of charm to your embroidery projects. With 980 precise stitches, this design offers a detailed and intricate finish that will elevate any fabric you choose to adorn.

Measuring at 1.13 inches in height and 1.07 inches in width, this compact design is ideal for a variety of uses. Whether you're embellishing clothing, accessories, or home decor items, its versatile size makes it suitable for adding a delicate accent without overwhelming the piece. The modest dimensions ensure that it fits perfectly into tight spaces, giving you more flexibility in your creative endeavors.

The design features two colors, with two stops, allowing for a beautiful and vibrant result. The color stops ensure that each section of the design is neatly executed, giving you a polished and professional look. This simplicity in color choices also makes it easy to customize the design to match your project’s color scheme.

Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or just starting out, the 2x2 Free Embroidery Design is a fantastic addition to your collection. It's straightforward enough for beginners to handle, yet detailed enough to satisfy seasoned crafters. EmbroideryShristi provides this free design to inspire your projects and help you create beautiful, unique items that you can be proud of.

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