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Welcome to EmbroideryShristi.com, your ultimate destination for online machine embroidery designs. What sets us apart from other sites is our unique selling proposition (USP): we provide our designs in the native EMB format. Unlike other platforms that offer limited customization options, our designs can be easily modified, split, converted, and resized according to your preferences. This means that our designs are highly customizable, allowing you to create embroidery pieces that truly meet your individual needs.

We understand the importance of offering flexibility and creative freedom to our customers. With our native EMB format, you have the power to make changes and adjustments to the designs as per your requirements. Whether you want to modify specific elements, split a design into separate parts, convert it to a different file format, or resize it to fit different embroidery hoops or garments, our designs can be easily tailored to your liking.

At EmbroideryShristi.com, we believe in providing you with a seamless and personalized embroidery experience. Our wide range of designs caters to both commercial and home embroiderers, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your projects. We are committed to delivering excellent quality designs that not only inspire creativity but also provide the flexibility to customize them according to your unique vision.

We value your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Our customer-centric approach is reflected in our commitment to delivering outstanding service. If you have any specific requirements or ideas, we are here to assist you. Our dedicated team is ready to address your queries and offer support whenever you need it.

Thank you for choosing EmbroideryShristi.com as your trusted source for customizable machine embroidery designs. We look forward to helping you bring your creative visions to life with our extensive collection of designs in the native EMB format.