Welcome to our "Others" category of large hoops machine embroidery designs! Here, you'll find a special collection of unique designs that don't fit into other specific categories. These designs are perfect for big embroidery projects made using commercial-sized machines.


In this category, you'll discover exceptional patterns like Figurehead and more. These designs are carefully created to make your embroidery projects stand out and impress everyone.


Whether you want to decorate home items, accessories, or any other big project, our "Others" category has the perfect designs for you. Let your imagination run wild and bring these amazing designs to life with your embroidery skills.


Get ready to explore a world of endless possibilities and create stunning embroidery projects with our fantastic collection of "Others" large hoops machine embroidery designs.


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The New Indian Patch Embroidery Design
The New Peacock Patch Embroidery Design
Heavy Floral Machine Embroidery Design
Indian  Large Floral Machine Embroidery Design
Indian Garaba Playing Couple Embroidery Design
Indian Peacock Embroidery Pattern Design
Indian Toran Geometrical Triangle Shapes Embroidery Design
Indian Traditional Hindu Maharaj Embroidery Design
Indian Traditional Patch Embroidery Design
Indian Village Women Playing Garba Embroidery Design
Indian Village Women With Water Pot Embroidery Design
Kali Indian Patto Embroidery Design
Kali Machine Embroidery Design
Large & New Corner Floral...
Large Autumn Tree Embroidery Design
Large Coil Stitches Leaves Embroidery Design
Large Fish Figurehead Machine Embroidery Design
Large Floral Fiesta Machine Embroidery Design
Large Flowers Bouquet With Basket Embroidery Design
Large Hoop Flowers Basket Design
Large Kali Embroidery Design
Large Outline Embroidery Design
Large Tree Embroidery Design
Latest Bottom Embroidery Dress Design