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Welcome to our Silhouette Embroidery Design category, where the magic of minimalism comes to life. Discover a captivating collection of designs that feature elegant and simplified silhouettes. These designs capture the essence of subjects, whether it's animals, objects, or people, in a stylish and contemporary way. With clean lines and subtle details, our silhouette embroidery designs offer a modern twist to your embroidery projects.


From fashion accessories to home decor items, these versatile designs will add a touch of sophistication to any creation. Explore our Silhouette Embroidery Design category and unleash your creativity with the timeless beauty of silhouettes.

There are 258 products.

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Small Floral Indian Embroidery Design
Tote Flower Bag Machine Embroidery Design
Up and Down Lines Seamless Embroidery Border Motif
Small Square Motif Seamless Embroidery Border Design
Free Embroidery Butta Design
Floral with Motif Border Frame Embroidery Design
Squares Motif Seamless Embroidery Border Design
Simple & Seamless Triangle...
Zigzag Outline Frame Embroidery Design
Single Color 4x4 Paisley Embroidery Design
Wolf Footstep Embroidery Design
Wolf Outline Embroidery Design
Women Cloth Silhouette Design
Yacht Ship Outline Embroidery Design
Yellow Flower Embroidery Border
Zigzag Motif Embroidery Border Design
Zombie Walking Silhouette
Silhouette Cycling Embroidery Design
Valentine Lineart Heart Embroidery Design
New King's Crown Machine...
Math's Shapes In Circle...
Simple & Seamless Machine...
Simple & Seamless Border...
Silhouette Pair Of Deers'...